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Your Tonality In Sales Is Decreasing Your Sales!

Are you using sales scripts and still not able to close your sales calls? In this blog, I’m going to share with you why sales scripts don’t work especially in times like today but the good news is I’m also going to share with you how to fix it so you can close sales immediately and see your revenue grow.

Let me share a real life story with you! There’s a lady who has been having a problem with closing calls! She’s been using scripts for a long time now and she’s had over 50 calls too but she’s still not able to close a single call, so she came to me for guidance!

Once, she reached out to me in the middle of the night with a text message saying “We have four calls booked, first was not a good fit so looking forward to the three tomorrow! We’ll see…” I woke up to this message in the morning and I looked at the time, it was sent at around 2.35 A.M !!!

If someone has sent such a text in the middle of the night obviously they are freaked out and thinking about what to do and how to do it! She then said “I have reworked the script now, as my program wasn’t attractive enough for the prospect… beyond me being unable to close them! I have now understood what they want, so I can offer a more desirable end result and make it easier for all of us!”

Now, you tell me! Are you in the same position as her and sort of freaking out? Are you feeling this too, when you can’t close someone, that the problem is with the script and you need to fix it?

Well, guess what? The problem is not with the script!

In this case, she’s really optimistic that she’s going to close! Right? Now what happens a week later is, I asked her, “How’s it going?” and she said “Not that great! I said “Okay! Look. I’ll help you. Let’s chat!” to which she replied, “Oh that would be just so great!” referring to me helping her.

She then told me, “I’m quite frustrated with the numbers at this point! Frustrated taking 50 calls… reading off a script but not being able to close! I’m learning a lot but my psychology and mindset are tanking and it’s not helping! I would really love to know where I’m going wrong and improve!” so she reached out to me for help.

Again, tell me…Are you feeling that your psychology and mindset are tanking as well and your energy is going low? Then let’s understand a few things!

I want you to remember these three magic numbers ‘7’ ‘38’ ‘55’. Now, what exactly is sales? It’s pure communication! Right? So in communication, it’s said that:

  1. 7% is the words you use
  2. 38% is how you say those words and
  3. 55% is body language

Now in the physical world, the appearance, how they smile, how they dress up, what they do with their hands all of it is part of the communication! So you see the biggest part is the body language!

But when you’re trying to close a sale through a phone call, body language does not come into play! Right? So, a big part of great communication is gone which should actually make it more simple and easier but clearly here it’s not! Why is that?

Now, when you’re on that call and trying to close a sale, that person can not see you and hence will base their opinion about you only by the way you are talking and how it makes them feel. They basically judge you based on the words you’re using and how you convey things!

So the 7% which is the words you use in this whole communication concept, on the phone becomes 15% and 85% is how you say it, the feeling behind it! Let me go deeper here! I want to really anchor this down for you!

Now let’s say you’re meeting your friend and you’re preparing yourself to actually meet him and talk. When you do meet, you start talking and then suddenly you pull out a paper and you start to go with your prepared script! How will your friend feel? It’s going to feel so awkward! Right? So you don’t really read off a script! You go with the feeling of connecting with that person! Right?

That’s exactly what you should do on the sales call! If you’re on the call and you’re actually reading your script and you go… “So, this is how the call is going to go! First I’m going to ask about your problem, then I’m going to ask about where you want to go and then I’m going to see if I can help you…” So, you see, when you read, your tone is different and the person can feel that you’re reading it! Right?

So the trick here is not to read it as a script! I’m not saying don’t use a script! I’m just saying don’t read it word for word as a script!

Your script will have these bullet points to guide you on what to say next! So, just see it and actually feel it and speak with that feeling and go with the flow! So, go like… “Welcome to the call! So before we start, is it okay if I just take a moment to share with you on how we’re going to do this call?”

Once they reply, you then proceed and further go with “I want to really understand your problems and after that we can sort of see where you want to go and then we can see if you’re the right fit for one another!” So, this way, you’ll be covering the points on the script and still keep it conversational!

Now, remember that 85% of the call is the feeling that comes out! So, you want to give your feeling so that the prospect on the other side connects with you! This is so important!

Let me give you an example! Let’s say you’re in a Health and Wellness niche and when you connect with your prospect, you start off sounding really low and reading your questions out like “Okay, tell me more about your health…now tell me how you feel… okay…now what if you don’t fix this? How will you feel?…..” You know you’re reading out from your script! It doesn’t connect that well with your prospect!

But if you actually take bullet points and you put a feeling inside it and you say… “Okay, can you tell me a little bit about your problem? I’m very curious to know how you got here…” you see you make it a bit softer! You’re feeling the feeling here and then it goes through the prospect!

How you speak is so important compared to the words you use!

Say it with the wrong tonality then you’re dead! Let’s take another example. So if the prospect comes and says “Oh man… I’m feeling really bad. I just need someone to listen to me!” and you bluntly say “OKAY WELL! WHAT DO YOU WANT TO SAY? I’M LISTENING.” with no emotions or tone, the person will actually think that you aren’t listening to them! But now if you change your tone and speak with a softer tone like “Okay sure! What is it? I’m actually listening to you!” You see, it’s a lot softer.

So when you’re closing a sale and you have a script; no matter how good the script is, if you don’t speak it the way you want to connect with your prospect, you cannot close the sale and that’s what happens when the majority of people out there take a script and try to close. It just doesn’t work.

Finally, let’s come to the objection handling part! Let’s say you have a script for when someone says, “Hey! The price is too expensive!” you say this from the script or when someone says, “I need to talk to my spouse” and you say this! And you actually search for it and you read it out from the script! Does that work? It doesn’t work! Right?

It’s the same thing here too! You can’t write a script down for everything! Yes, it’s great to have some points down and know how to handle the objections but don’t look at it during the conversation with your prospect! Speak with a feeling, with emotions and connect with the prospect and say, “Okay! May I understand this. Is it a question of price or value? I’m really very curious to understand this. Can you share with me a little bit more?” (use the correct tone of authority and be soft)

Now you see what’s happened? You’ve opened the prospect up, you’ve softened the call and you’ve allowed for negotiation and that’s exactly what needs to happen in a sales call!!!


So, just remember, even if I give you a script on how to close a deal or how to handle objections and you read it off without feeling it and bringing in your intention to help someone, you cannot close the call!

So if you’re using a script and it’s not closing, this is probably what you’re not doing! I want you to remember that it’s all about using the right words and how you say it with feeling and connect with your prospect by using the right tonality! All the best and comment below your results, once you implement these in your sales calls!

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About the author

Dev Sethi is the Founder & CEO of ‘Wealth On Command’. Dev is a Global Sales Award Winner and “Closer of the Year 2019” in High Ticket Sales across 150 countries. He is the 1st person across Australia, Asia, Africa, Europe and South America to ever win this award.

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