Dev Sethi (aka Sukhdev Sethi) is recognized globally as the Sales Champion of the Year 2019 across 150 countries and now works with clients across 18 countries to maximise their growth online.

His clients have achieved over $6 Million in Sales in just 13 months (during the pandemic)

Dev wants to share with you:

How to close deals of 4-figures, 5-figures and 6-figures

How to make at least $250K/year in your business

How to be known as the expert in your industry and live your purpose.

With the above method, Dev Sethi has also been able to generate over $700,000 in 12 months for his Real Estate Development business and closed other deals worth over 1.5 Million USD in 10 months - all over a phone call.

Dev Sethi is a visionary entrepreneur and multi- business growth strategist, who is on a mission to transform at least 10 million people globally.

His purpose is to help people become financially independent, so that they can command the lifestyle they want and give back to their families and communities.

Dev has a background in IT software development and successfully transitioned to a full time entrepreneur and founded the Wealth On Command global movement. 

Wealth is beyond just money

It is about creating a lifestyle you want, and having the freedom to make the choices you want.

Dev mentors other coaches/consultants to get more sales & clients and build a thriving business online that earns at least $250K/year, even if they're getting started.

Dev also consults businesses to build a high-performing sales team and create a high-impact business that makes a difference.

Dev is a keynote speaker and has spoken at national and international conferences.

Dev Sethi is the author of the book “Wealth On Command” that aims to help people thrive in business and live a meaningful life.

Dev Sethi is also known as Sukhdev Sethi, and has recently rebranded himself to "DEV SETHI", for global impact.

Dev Sethi is a loving father and a caring husband. Dev Sethi is born in Thailand, studied and grew up in India and now lives in Sydney, Australia. 

Dev Sethi’s favourite quote is “If something scares you and excites you at the same time, just do it”.

Dev Sethi’s official website is

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