How To Know Your Value And Demand Your True Worth!

Do you believe you’re worth a lot more than what you are being paid? Then this blog is for you! Today I’m going to share with you how to know your value and demand the price you’re actually worth. Firstly, let me share a story with you all.

There was this man who was working in an investment firm where they usually deal with shares, stocks and the whole market in general. One night, after finishing his work he met with his friends at a pub and while having beer, he told his friends “Hey guys! You know what, there’s a new share that’s coming out very soon in a few weeks. It’s actually got a huge potential to boom so I would encourage you all to buy it. It’s really awesome and I’m buying it for sure!”

To this his friends got really happy, thanked him and started talking about how rich they’re all going to get after they buy the shares and this way they continued with their drinks and had great fun together.

A month later they catch up again and this man who’s working in the firm as a stock trader asks everyone if they bought the shares that he had told them about the other day. His friends were surprised and said they didn’t buy it and asked him what happened! He then revealed that the same shares had now gone up in value from ten dollars to a hundred dollars!

They just did not buy it assuming that this guy was just joking about it as they were all drinking and having fun! So, no one bought it except the man in a stock trading firm!

The key lesson here is that all these friends that had heard about this share didn’t buy it because the information that was given to them was free! They didn’t value this person’s advice at all. They were just having a fun time, having beer and making conversations.

1. Never Give Something For Free:

So the lesson here is, in life when you genuinely want to help someone grow and you give all the information for free; people won’t value your information and when they don’t value your information they don’t value you and when they don’t value you they don’t take any action and their life cannot be improved.

So the first lesson is “Never give something for free” because people don’t value it and they don’t take action.

Now, the same friends met again a month later and this time all of them were interested to know what stock to buy since they did not listen to him the last time; this time they wanted to take it seriously.

So this time, he was smart about it. He realised that he can make money by helping his friends with the right information. So, instead of giving it for free, he created a report on what was going to boom in the next six months and he said, “Generally I sell this for $200 but because you’re all my friends I’ll give it at twenty dollars each!”

So he sold the report and made around $100 bucks and he was happy! Meanwhile, each of them went back home, read the report and started buying stocks. A week later they saw the money coming in, the profits actually happened and everyone made money.

Now a few months passed by and once again they all met up and said that the report was really good initially but in the last few months, the stocks crashed and now these friends were really angry. They questioned him and tried to understand why he said they would make money but instead the market fell down and everyone was losing money now!

So this person then asked the friends if they read the report completely and thoroughly before investing as it was 50 pages long to which they said that they only read the first few pages and just went ahead with investing.

Now this guy says that on page 45 he had actually mentioned to balance the investments but no one had read it through! They skipped a lot of the parts and missed some very important information. They put all their investments in one bucket and that crashed. Now why did this happen?

2. Don’t Sell Your Information For Cheap:

So the lesson here is “When you give someone something for so cheap, they don’t take it seriously. What they believe is that they can always buy something else if it doesn’t work when they are anyway getting it for cheap”

So, these friends didn’t take it seriously because it was anyway cheap for them and they felt that they could get success forever even if they just went through a few pages and continued doing the same thing which was giving them short term success!

So the second lesson here is “If you want to help someone, don’t sell your information for cheap” because people will take that information that you give them but will only read half of it or implement only half of it.

When this happens, they won’t see the results you promised them.

So, when you sell your services for a lower price than what it’s actually worth, you’re doing your friends, families and people who help you a disservice. So, don’t sell your information for cheap.

Now the friends meet up again and this time, some of them are hungry, some of them are upset and they ask this guy what he’s got for them today!

So, the stock trader friend says “Look! I have learned so much now that I can really understand the market so well! I can predict what stocks might come up and which may go down! I’m reading a lot to understand financial analysis. I’ve got lots of contacts but I spend a lot of time doing this…so I cannot give it to you for free!”

He even says, “I cannot sell it to you for cheap like the last time… this time I’m going to help you but it’s going to cost you at least ten thousand dollars!” He adds on and says, “I have got people with me as a team now that will help you to make the money!”

His friends were surprised and said “ $10,000? Forget it man… we’re not investing in you! The first time you told us something and we didn’t do it but the second time we did it but it didn’t work fully…” So they all blamed him for the second time.

But out of all the friends one person came up and said “You know what? Let’s do a deal! I believe in you. Last time it was my mistake as I read only half your report but this time I see your intention! You came to us, gave us information, gave us a report but now you’re also giving us a whole system where people are there to help me. I want to deal with you!” So they shook hands and left!

Now, a month later the market goes up again! Now out of all the friends, the friend that actually took the deal continued making money and kept growing up but the other friends looked at each other and they were jealous and felt like they missed out again! So what’s the lesson here?

3. Offer At Your Truest Value:

The lesson is if you have got a service to sell and you sell at the price you’re actually worth most of the people in the market will say ‘No, I don’t want your services; you’re too expensive’ or they will tell you ‘We don’t believe you’ or ‘We don’t trust you’

But a minority will come forward and say “I want your services even if it’s a higher price because I believe in you” and when people come in with that belief in you, they will grow and when they grow, you will grow as well! You will get people that come forward and are really committed and they will do a deal with you!

So the third lesson is “When you have something to offer and you offer at your truest value, you will only attract the committed and you will push away the interested!” That’s exactly what you want to aim for!


So these are the three values that I’ve shared with you on how to demand your price and know your value:

Number one: Don’t give things away for free.

Number Two: Don’t sell anything below your true value, don’t sell for cheaper than you’re actually worth and

Number Three: Help people at the true value that you’re actually worth.

This way, you will really be able to help more people, bring success to them and you will feel the success as well!

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