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When Clients Say They Already Work With Someone; You Say…

Today we are considering a B2B scenario where you approach the client and the client says we already have someone we are working with…/ I am too busy, you know I don’t have the time and you know that you have the best offer but you don’t know how to get the chance to really get the presentation in front of them!

So, in this blog I am going to show you 3 things:

1. Exactly how to approach the client

2. How to get the offer

3. How to seal the deal

Now in a typical B2B scenario, if you are in an industry that is already booming, the chances are more than likely that the client is already working with someone else. So, how do you get the deal? How do you get someone to give you that one chance where you can show your offer?

Now, this is the mistake that the majority of people make! They go to the client and they say, “Great! So, I want to actually give you this offer!” but then the client says “I am too busy, I have someone else!” Now the next thing that the business says to these clients is “Ok good! But if you have a problem in the future then come to me and I will help you”

Now, you think about it!! If you say this to a client, do you really think they will come back to you when they are having a problem? You see when they are having a problem and thinking about that problem, the person who is with them at that moment will get the deal, not you!!!

So, I would encourage you “Don’t do that!” What I’m about to share with you next, will give you the opportunity to make an offer and even seal the deal!

Now when you go to the client and they say “I am too busy… I don’t have time… I have someone else…” The next question you ask them is “So how is that going? Are you meeting your targets?” The client is going to either say yes or no!

If they say “No” then say “Ok, so why are you not meeting the targets? What is the problem at the moment? Can I actually understand that?” That’s when they are going to start talking about their problem.

When they start talking, in your mind, you will know “Ok so this is the problem I can solve for them!” and then you start talking and say “What if I can solve this problem for you and not just that, but you will actually meet your targets and exceed your targets! So would you be open to listening to my offer? No obligations!”

What do you think they are going to say? They are going to give you a chance! Now, let’s go back a little bit and you ask them “How is the relationship with the current business that you are working with? How is that going?” and if they say “Yep! It’s all fine. I have no problem” then you ask them, “Are you meeting your targets?”, they say “Yes! I’m meeting my targets!” So, how do you then get your foot in the door?

This is how you do it! You then ask your client, “Ok, you are meeting your targets but what if I can show you how to exceed your targets as I’ve done it for someone else! Would you be open to that?… Maybe this idea that you see here, you can implement in your business today as well! No obligations!” What are they going to say? They are going to be open! Right? And then they are going to say “OK, tell me, what is it?”

Here, instead of giving your answer right on the spot, your aim is to get them to give you one or two hours of their time dedicated so that you can talk about the business and your offer! So, when they say “Ok, tell me what is it?” You say, “Ok look! Probably we can get together soon and dedicate a session just to talk about the problems that you are facing! Meanwhile, these are the problems that I see in your industry…” and then you talk about the three problems that you are seeing in their industry!

Now, if you show this to them, then they will know that you are not just someone who’s talking to them; you actually know what you are talking about! Secondly, if you actually talk to them about the problem they will assume that you have the solution! So, this is what you do!

We don’t talk about our service at all! We actually talk about the problem, we talk about the market and we talk about what it really means to the client!

When you get that meeting, it’s very crucial to start with the problem of the market! Usually, companies talk about their company, their achievements in the last ten or fifteen years….But that’s not the right way! Don’t start with that!

We must start with what the industry is about because when you start talking about the problem, you are not talking about yourself; you are actually talking about the client!

The client will relate to the problem that you can solve and when you mention three or four problems in the meeting, the client then understands that “This person actually knows what they’re talking about!”

Now, you ask for their acknowledgement. Which problem are they having the most and in which area are they seeing that their targets are not exceeding and in which areas are they seeing that their targets are not being met! When you understand that, you then talk about the solution that you have given to someone else for the same problem!

So, you see now we are only talking about the solutions for the problems and that way when you are talking about the offer, it makes sense to the client and you will get the 3rd meeting as well because sometimes you might not be able to seal the deal in just one meeting!

But at this point, the client will be so interested in what you have to say that, they will actually say, “Ok, so what shall we do from now?” and that’s your opportunity to seal the deal in the next meeting!


So, in a B2B scenario, when you approach a client and the client says they are already working with someone else or they say they are too busy and don’t have time!

You ask the right questions, you show them what you know about the problems they are facing in their industry and how you can really help them solve it! Show what you did for another client facing the same problem and how you can help them implement the same in their business and reach their targets!

This is how you get the chance to really get the presentation in front of them, make your offer and seal the deal for real!! Once you implement this, share your results in the comments below!

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