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What To Do When Your Family Doesn’t Support Your Dreams?

What to do when your loved ones and family don’t support your dreams? That’s a problem! So how do you fix it? Today, I’m going to share with you three things!

  1. How to get the acknowledgement?
  2. How to get their support?
  3. How to get them to grow with you?

This is from a personal story which I accomplished from getting no support to now getting the best support. Let’s get into this!

The question is “Why don’t they support you?” That’s the first question I ask myself! You see, when I was trying to quit my job and create my own business, I was actually talking to my wife and my family! I didn’t get much support but “Why?” was the question. I was trying to tell them to give me support, but I wasn’t getting that support.

So the answer to this question “Why?” is very simple! It’s simply because they were confused. They just didn’t know what I was getting into! Now, that’s a normal thing.

Even when you were trying to start something you were really confused. Right? You were not sure! The sameway your family is actually confused, so it’s a very normal process.

So in today’s blog, I’m going to share with you three tips on how to break that confusion and bring clarity and once they get that, you will get the acknowledgement and support and they will grow with you!

1.How to get the acknowledgement?

You see, when I was trying to do something new, I was really confused and I didn’t know if it was something I could do. So I started digging deeper, trying to understand if it was the right thing for me or not. I started learning more and more and then this ‘aha’ moment came. I finally felt like it made sense and that was what I wanted to do. I started to believe in myself.

When I believed in myself, I got the acknowledgement to myself that I wanted to do it further! Same thing with you. When you’re trying to do something and you’re really confused at first, just dig deeper. You brought yourself on this journey. Right? You believed in yourself. Same way your family members need to be brought on the same journey as you.

The key word here is ‘bring them on the journey’, show them what you’re getting into! When you start explaining to them what you’re getting into, they’ll start understanding you! Maybe they have not agreed with you fully but they will feel like, “Oh maybe it does make sense after all…” and that’s when you want to get the acknowledgement and say “Look I need 12 months to really do this because I believe this is for me and I can really do it!”

That’s exactly what I said to my wife and I got it. I got an acknowledgement. Try the same thing with your family! Bring them on the journey and get the acknowledgement. Get them to say ‘Yes, let’s do it for 12 months or 14 months or two years…’ whatever that time period is!

2.How to get their support?

When I started learning, I was doubting myself a lot. I would think, “I’ve got into this but I’m not sure if it’s the right for me!” I was giving up at times but then I would remember, “I’m getting a lot of support from the community; they’re sharing a lot of stuff with me and this makes sense. I think I can do it.”

My wife was feeling the same way, whether I could do it or not. When I started getting stuff from this side I started sharing a lot with my wife as well. She started understanding more on what I was doing and then I started getting the support.

Same thing with you. When you’re trying to do something you might be confused. You might be like “I don’t know if this is right for me. Oh man! My family’s giving me acknowledgement but what if I’m wrong?” you’re thinking that! But when you start, people start sharing more with you and you start understanding the subject more. You then believe in yourself. So, even with your family, start sharing what you’re learning.

I started sharing daily with my wife. You should start sharing daily with your loved ones and your family on what you’re learning every day. Start sharing, “Hey I learned this today! I learned that today!” and they will be very curious. They will feel like it’s something new. You might even start getting “Are you sure it’s going to work?” kind of questions. This is very normal.

You might even get questions like: “Maybe it’s a scam… I don’t know if it’s going to work. Are you sure?” or “Forget about it! It’s taking too long.” These are normal questions. When they say this, just bring back the acknowledgement that they gave you for 12 months but don’t stop sharing with them.

The key word here is ‘Start sharing regularly’ with your family and loved ones, so they know what’s happening and when they know what’s happening they will start giving you more and more support because they will see how committed you are; how determined you are and what actions you are taking!

3.How to get them to grow with you?

Now taking it to the next level; is not only the support but how to get them to grow with you. So what I did was, I started getting a lot of support from the community that I was in but I also started taking a lot more action. I was involved in reading books, doing actions and activities and now this knowledge really anchored in me and I was like “Yeah! This is exactly what I want to do!”

I was totally immersed in what I said I was going to do. I needed to bring that same feeling with my wife. So, I started to get my wife to do the same actions that I was doing, from what I was learning from the course. I got her to read the books I was reading. Now what was happening is, while she was reading the book, she started growing too! That’s how I brought her to grow with me but remember; at no point I told her to do anything in particular! This is the way of actually bringing the support together and growing together if you start involving them in what you do.

The key word here is ‘involve them in your daily activities’. Think about it yourself. When you are learning something, if you’re more involved in it, you’re going to believe in yourself more! Same thing with your family. Involve them! The books you’re reading, the activities you’re doing, the actions you’re taking, the videos you’re making… just get them involved.

Get them to see your videos, get them to read the books, open the book and share a bit of what you learnt from the book with them. Involve them. The key here is to start involving them in your journey.

When people get involved they grow with you. When they automatically grow they feel good about themselves that they are growing and that’s when they will give you more support and grow with you further.


So now you know how to really get the support from your loved ones and family! Just three things. Number one is get the acknowledgement: ‘How to get the acknowledgement is to bring them on the journey’. Number two is get the support: ‘How to get their support is to start sharing what you’re learning with them.’ Number three is get them to grow with you: ‘How you do that is by involving them in the activities that you’re doing daily.’

I did the same thing and within 12 months, I got the best support and I’m very grateful for it. So, if you try the same thing that you learnt above, let me know how it goes; make sure to comment below!

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