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How To Stop Comparing Yourself With Someone Else

Are you comparing yourself with others and thinking, “I want to be like that person, that person is better than me!”? If you’re feeling this way, then this blog is for you. I’m going to show you how to fix it!

Why do we compare ourselves? Let’s understand that first! We compare because we want to reach a particular level! We compare whether we are in a position that we want to be in. It’s actually very normal for one human to compare themselves with another human. That’s how the mindset is. That’s how humanity is.

But what you do after that comparison is not normal! If you’re actually comparing and you don’t take action, that’s not good. So I’m going to share with you three things:

  1. Is the grass fake on the other side?
  2. Ask what they did yesterday
  3. Don’t seek validation

1.What If The Grass Is Fake:

There is this phrase “The grass is greener on the other side” . I want you to look at this phrase and understand what it means. It means when people are comparing themselves to someone else like “Oh they have got better; look at that person, they’re driving a better car… oh look at that house, they have got a better house; oh look at that jewellery… look at everything… you know, you feel that it is actually better on the other side but there’s another phrase I want you to live by: “What if the grass is fake!”

Now you think about it. Fake grass is green all year round whereas real grass will be green, brown, yellow… it will change and that’s normal! The same in life! People go up and down. If you look at others and their life is always super good then understand that something is not right. So before you compare yourself and say “You know what? They’re better than I am… they’re better than me…” You look and see: Is the grass fake on the other side or not? Once you think about this you will actually stop comparing yourself and saying that you want to be like others.

2.Compare Yourself To Them Yesterday:

When you’re comparing yourself to someone else who is on a higher level than you, what we usually tend to do is, we compare and we ask this person “Hey can you tell me how you’re getting success today? Tell me what are you doing today! Tell me how you’re making this money! Hey, tell me the next best thing you’re working on!”

Well those are wrong questions! If someone’s already up there, don’t compare yourself to them at their level, but compare yourself to where they were yesterday; what did they do when they were starting out like you, because you want to know what they did at that time, so that you can do what they did!

If you see someone already making ten million bucks and you’re like making a thousand bucks, you don’t want to ask this guy what they are doing today. What they’re doing today is going to get them to the next level, you want to ask them, what did they do when they were at a thousand dollars like you, so you can actually make that money and go to that ten million bucks! That is the secret.

So the purpose of comparing is so you can learn from someone’s mistakes. The purpose of comparing is not saying, “Hey they are better than me, I want to be like them!” No! You don’t want to be like them! You want to be like yourself but understand where they came from. That’s very important.

3.Early Dreams Are Very Fragile, Be Careful Who You Talk To:

Why do we compare is sometimes maybe it’s past history or the way we’ve been brought up. When we try to do certain things, we want to validate it with someone: “Hey you know, I’m thinking this! What do you think? Hey I have got this great idea to build this big massive factory…what do you think?” We ask everyone because we are not sure of where we want to go. So we try to seek validation.

Now here’s the problem! If you take your idea and you try to ask someone else and you compare with what they think, they are not going to think like you! They’re going to tell you “Hey you know what? I don’t like this idea. If it was me, I would not do it.”

Well the point here is they’re not as smart as you! If they had that brilliant idea, like you had, they would have already done it! So what people tend to do is, they compare and by comparing they lose their own idea. So don’t do that!

If you have that idea that you believe is a great idea, just go ahead and do it because if it was someone else that really believed in your idea, they would actually take your idea and do it themselves.

Hence, early dreams are very fragile. So, be very careful who you talk to because when you have that early dream and you go out and seek validation from someone, what if that dream was supposed to be a big dream and a great dream and that person you ask could not think like you and it shatters your dream? This is the problem. When you start comparing yourself with others you are not listening to yourself but you want to live other people’s life.


So ask yourself this question! “Do you want to live your life or do you want to live someone else’s lives?” Next time you see yourself comparing yourself to others, think about this. Number one is the grass is fake on the other side. Number two is don’t ask what they’re doing today; ask what they did yesterday and number three is don’t seek validation; believe in yourself. Don’t compare yourself to others because you are awesome!

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