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Client Says You Don’t Have Enough Experience?

“You don’t have enough experience’’ is one of the most common objections we get while dealing with a client. So, how do you get the experience when it’s your first gig or when you’re still trying to get into the market?

In order to learn how to tackle this objection, you will be learning three things in this blog today:

  1. How to get the trust of the client?
  2. How to actually get the deal?
  3. How to get the client to refer you to others?

Now let’s say, you are in the market, it’s your brand new business that you’ve just started and you just want to get clients but you are wondering “How do you do it?” You might be thinking, “I don’t have the experience, I don’t know what the person might think about me, etc”

1.Understand your market deeply:

Now, remember that no matter what you’re thinking, the number one thing is instead of worrying about “Experience” , first you must understand your “Market” deeply.

Know the problem of the market, the trends of the market, the solution others are offering, your competitors and what they are selling, what is the price that they are offering, what are the features and benefits. Just understand the market deeply and focus on understanding the biggest problem in that market.

When you approach the prospect and you are able to speak the language of the market so deeply, so clearly and so articulately the prospect will automatically assume that you have the solution.

People generally go out to the prospect and boast about themselves that they can solve all the problems, but you don’t have to do that. You just have to talk to the prospect about the market and know your market so deeply that when it comes to your market, you’re the only person who understands the market inside out. You want to be at that level, so focus on that.

2.Get to know your prospect:

The second most important thing when you’re talking to your prospect, always remember that you’re not talking to a business but you’re actually talking to a real person. So when you’re talking to that person and you actually have shown that prospect that you know the market so deep, they’ll be like “Oh this person has something to offer” and they will ask you to tell them a little bit about you!

At that point you must get to know your prospect deeper. You talk to the prospect and just listen to everything they have to say and really understand their problem; how long has this problem been happening, why haven’t they been able to solve it, what are their challenges, what are they looking for… try to gather as much information. When you do this, it makes the prospect feel!

Here you’re not focusing on you, but you’re focused about the market and your prospect. It’s all about helping the prospect achieve their results. Ask the prospect as well on what results they actually want and what are the results they are currently getting, ask all these questions! Make the prospect feel that you are actually asking good questions. That’s when they open up more.

3.Make an offer that they cannot refuse:

Now when they actually open up more, it’s your opportunity to make an offer that they cannot refuse! Yes, you read that right! What I mean by this is to make an irresistible offer including a guarantee.

When you’re in the new market and you’re trying to get a new deal and people say “You’re a new player, why should I trust you?” they’re thinking that it’s a big risk going with a new player! They feel that they can just go out there and get other people who are already in the market!

They can do so but the fact that they are talking to you means that, what’s in the market is not actually helping them but they still have the risk in their mind that you’re a new person, what if you come in and you’re just like the others.

Hence this is why you must make an offer they cannot refuse, give them a strong guarantee so that you can win the client and use your client as a case study to actually get more deals.

An example of a guarantee can be: If a company is coming to you and saying that they want to generate consistent growth of five percent every month; You can give a guarantee saying “Great, i will work with you to get your five percent, if you don’t get it then i work for free’’ That’s a strong guarantee. Make the customer believe that you have skin in the game and you have their best interest at heart.


Hence make sure that you focus on these three things like we discussed: Understand your market deeply, Get to know your prospect and Make an offer that they cannot refuse. This way you will never get a prospect who will say that you don’t have enough experience and you will be able to make the prospect trust you and buy from you!

Make a guarantee, because this offer that you make is great for people entering the market up front and when you enter, you build your name and you start getting referrals automatically. Create a social proof, create that testimonial, create that case study so other people can see your results as well and get in touch with you!

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Dev Sethi is the Founder & CEO of ‘Wealth On Command’. Dev is a Global Sales Award Winner and “Closer of the Year 2019” in High Ticket Sales across 150 countries. He is the 1st person across Australia, Asia, Africa, Europe and South America to ever win this award.

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