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How To Confidently Close Deals as an Introvert

Are you an introvert and feeling that you can’t confidently connect with people in public or worse even close sales for your business? In this blog, you will learn how to successfully close any deal you like, even if you are an introvert! Being an introvert should not stop you from being confident and taking charge of your life and business. There are some secrets that I shall share with you in order for you to understand how to stay confident and close any deal.

Who’s An Introvert?

People always say that introverts are shy and they’re not confident, but that’s not exactly true. Introverts are people predominantly concerned with their own thoughts and feelings rather than with external things. An introvert is someone who likes to be by themselves and they get their energy that way whereas an extrovert likes to go out and talk with everybody, so they get their energy from external sources. That’s the key difference.

What one needs to understand is an introvert is not shy, is not less confident and is not any less compared to a person that can actually make sales happen. In fact introverts are very successful people, take for example Bill Gates, Jack Ma and Jeff Bezos; they are introverts yet they are one of the top successful people in the world. So you see, introverts can be very successful; in fact the majority of billionaires out there are considered to be introverts so, ask yourself, ‘how do they do it?’

How To Confidently Close Deals as an Introvert

Here I’m going to share three things that you, as an introvert can actually do to confidently close deals, be in public and connect with people so you can really get the success you want.

1. Bring in the intention:

Now, really think about this. Even as an introvert when you’re meeting your family, you smile, you interact with them, you hug them, you love them, your whole energy is different and you really enjoy surrounding yourself with them. People say extroverts are those that are always around people but introverts are always alone in the family. But you see, as introverts too, you are also surrounded with people when it comes to family. So how come you’re enjoying them around you? This is the secret.

When you meet your family, there’s a different ‘intention’ you bring along and that’s how you connect with them. So remember that feeling and bring the same feeling and intention when you’re dealing with other people. Bring the intention you have when you’re helping your family, and use it with the aim of helping others. Tell the prospect, “Look! I’m going to help you with the same intention and feeling that I help my family with”. This way you will appear more confident and you can also connect with that prospect much better!

2. Active Listening:

People say that introverts are not that great at talking to people. Is that really true? Let’s see; imagine, you are in a room where there’s someone just talking continuously all the time. That person might be an extrovert, but how does that make you feel? You might probably be like “Please keep quiet. I don’t want to hear from you anymore. In fact if you’re trying to sell me something and you keep talking like this, I don’t want to buy at all!”

As an introvert you have a great talent that you might have not even thought off. That amazing talent is that you are a ‘Great Listener’. So use this talent when you’re talking to your prospect and trying to close a deal. When the prospect is talking to you and you’re listening to the prospect with intent, they feel that you are really caring for them and that brings that connection between you both. So, make sure you use this to your advantage.

You don’t have to feel like you need to always be confident and loud for people to hear you, see you and understand you. The prospect will actually be more interested in what you have to say when you are just listening to them completely.

3. Ask Questions:

Now imagine, I’m talking to you without any pause, interruptions or questions, you will get bored, right? But if I pause and I ask you a question, like “Are you enjoying this blog?”; “What do you feel is an eye opener to you at this point?” and so on… then I’m engaging you in the conversation and it won’t be one sided. This is a great skill for an introvert. So when the prospect is talking to you and you’re really curious but you’re not sure what to say next and you feel that you are lacking words, just ask questions.

Now you might wonder, “Wait, but what kind of questions do I ask?” Well, that’s simple. If you feel like you really don’t know what to say next, the simplest thing you can say is, “Oh that’s really interesting. Can you tell me more please?” and when you say this, you will see, the prospect is talking and you are listening so the connection is building.

When this connection keeps happening over and over again you will start improving the closing of a deal with everyone out there. Automatically when you start closing deals and people feel that connection, you as an introvert will appear to be very confident in the eyes of the people looking at you and that’s how as an introvert, you can be confident in any situation and really close deals.


If you’re an introvert and you feel you aren’t that great at closing a deal, don’t worry, just follow the 3 things we have discussed above to close deals confidently. The first step is “Bring in the intention” next, “Be an active listener” and lastly “Always ask questions”, If you follow this, you can surely close any deal with anyone without any hesitation.

Just remember that you don’t always have to keep talking to close a deal. You have to become an active listener in the conversation, let them do all the talking, while you listen and understand them. Ask questions if there is a pause and set your mind and bring in the intention, like we discussed. That’s it! All the best, go close that deal now with full confidence.

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