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5 Steps To Sell Your High Ticket Coaching Program

How to sell your high ticket coaching program? Now, let’s say your prospect says “You are the coach I’m looking for! So, how do I buy it?” In this blog, I’m going to share with you five methods that I’ve personally used to close millions of dollars.

A closing call is very similar to a patient-doctor relationship, so I want to use that analogy here. Let’s say a patient goes and visits a doctor. The doctor says what’s “Wrong with you?” and then the patient says “I have got a cold” to which the doctor asks “What type is it? Is it a runny nose or you got a headache or you’re having body pain? Can you sleep well?” He asks all these questions! Right?

1.Diagnose The Problem

Similarly in a call when the prospect comes to you, you must ask him “What the problem is.” Firstly, diagnose the problem! Ask him “Why are you here today? How can I help you?” They’ll tell you their problem. When they tell you their problem, you ask more questions so that you understand the impact that problem has in their lives! Then you gauge ‘How big the problem is’

2.Reiterate Back What The Prospect Has Told You:

The next step is very important. Now, the doctor repeats to the patient “Okay! You’ve got a runny nose, you’ve got this, you’ve got this, you’ve got this…. right…?” Same thing! On a coaching call, you must reiterate back what the prospect has told you! This step is subtle but very important.

In a typical sales call, a sales person goes on talking but in a closing call, when you really care, you’ve shown the prospect that you listened by repeating back what the prospect said; they now know you’ve understood exactly what their problem is! There is a connection that has been formed!

Similarly in a doctor’s case, if the doctor doesn’t ask any questions and just tells the patient what to do, they will surely say “Doctor you don’t even know my situation, how can you say that?” but here when the doctor reiterates to the patient, they now know that the doctor has listened to them and there is a connection! They trust the doctor.

3.Help The Prospect Realise That They Have A Problem:

Now, once the doctor has reiterated back to the patient, the doctor then says after analysing “Okay, you’ve not just got a cold but a big flu!” The doctor makes them realise that they actually have a big problem.

You’ll be surprised to know that a lot of times, prospects come on the call and they don’t even know their own problem! So, the third step that you must do is exactly like the doctor, you help the prospect realise they have a problem! So, in a prospect call when you’ve understood the problem of your prospect, you’ve reiterated the problem to them, you then help them realise how big the problem is!

There is a phrase I go by “People will do more to avoid pain than gain pleasure!” and this is the reason, you’re telling them how big the problem is because they have come to you because they want to solve the problem.

4.Talk About Results:

Let’s go back to the doctor! Once the doctor has stated the problem, he then says “Okay! I’ve got a solution for you. But I’ll tell you about the medicines a bit later!” Now in the patient’s mind they are like “Oh! I’ve got a big problem now and I need to ask the doctor how fast I will recover!”

This is exactly what happens in the prospect’s mind as well! They want to know “What do they have to do now and how soon can you take them from the problem to the solution!”

Just like how the doctor would say “It’s going to take seven days or ten days to exactly recover”; You want to show the prospect what you can do for the prospect. So, that’s number four — “Results”. Whether it’s going to be in three months, six months or one year, show them what is the result of them joining your program, that’s the result you want to talk about with them!

5.The How:

Let’s go back to the doctor. The patient says “Okay doctor, I’ve understood now that it’s going to take me ten days! So what medicine is it that you’re going to give me?” At that moment the doctor gives the patient a prescription. Right? That prescription is the ‘how’ to solve the flu to make the patient well again.

Exactly in a closing call, you have a problem; you show them the solution! Make them realise that you are the way of how they can go from the problem to that solution and that way when you show them that ‘You are the solution’ you automatically make them realise that they need you!

Okay, let’s go back to the doctor, once again. Now when the patient knows that the doctor is going to give the prescription, they just take it and thank the doctor, go and buy the medicine! Right? Similarly, when the prospect feels that ‘You are the solution’; the ‘How’; they say thank you and they just enroll in your program! There’s no price objection and if you’ve got a price objection, then it means the connection is not there and you’ve not listened to them carefully.


So, it’s simple! Just implement these five steps and you can easily sell your high ticket coaching program. Number one: Diagnose the problem. Number two: Reiterate the problem. Number three: Help them realise there is a problem number. Number four: Show them the results and Number five: The how.

If you’ve got a question that you can’t convert your prospect comment below I’ll help you!

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Dev Sethi is the Founder & CEO of ‘Wealth On Command’. Dev is a Global Sales Award Winner and “Closer of the Year 2019” in High Ticket Sales across 150 countries. He is the 1st person across Australia, Asia, Africa, Europe and South America to ever win this award.

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