3 Skills To Get High Paying Clients In Your Coaching Business!

Are you looking to get high paying clients in your business? Well, then you need to have these three critical skills! If you don’t have these skills then you’re not going to be able to attract any clients and even if you do attract them, they are not going to stay with you for long!

Firstly let us understand why it’s important to have high paying clients! You see with high paying clients, you won’t need a lot. You only need a few clients so that you can focus your full energy on them, bring them transformation and make them grow. When your clients grow, you will grow; their success is your success!

So, in today’s blog I’ll be sharing the three skills that you must have in order to get high paying clients in your coaching business!

1. Have A High Ticket Mindset:

The first skill that you must know is the ‘high ticket mindset’. So what exactly is the mindset? Mindset is the way you believe about something! Right? Now if you’re a person that believes in low ticket then you cannot sell high ticket! It’s just not possible!

There are a lot of people out there who are actually selling really small packages like $7… $37… but when they jump from there to a high ticket package, it’s a totally different mindset that they need to have if they want to succeed! If they are lacking that high ticket mindset then that’s where people get stuck!

When people are selling low ticket packages, they go after volume and try to sell as many low ticket packages as possible but you know if you sell many low ticket packages, there’s a lot more people and a lot more problems that you will have to solve!

So, I encourage you to get a few high paying clients rather than a lot of low paying clients, so that you can focus your energy on just those few high paying clients and really give them results!

So 3 ways how you can have the high ticket mindset is:

  1. Believe that you can do it! If you believe that you can do it then it will actually happen.
  2. Have a sense of gratitude. When you express gratitude for whatever you’ve got, you’ll not be desperate. When you’re not desperate, you’ll push away the people who are not right for you and you’ll attract the committed.
  3. Be around people who are already doing it and getting high ticket clients. That way your mindset will automatically adapt to the high ticket mindset!

2. Speak About Results:

Now, in majority of the cases what people do when they have their initial meeting with the prospect is they start talking about themselves! They say I’m the CEO, I’m the founder of this company. After that they move on to talk about their company and its existence, etc. Lastly they start talking about their products and their services!

But guess what? Your prospects don’t care about any of these! They just need results! If they don’t get results then they’ll just move on to another company. So the skill to attract high paying clients is to speak about results! You speak about what kind of results that you can give them! That’s what people really care about! The results of their problems! So just focus on that!

Now, this is a skill because when someone is talking to you, you’ll feel the urge to start talking about your company and services but you need to train your mind to only talk about results.

So, just listen to your clients and understand their problems, what exactly they’re looking for and what results do they expect! As you keep asking such questions, all your conversations will be focused on giving results and when they ask you what you do, you repeat the results that you have just promised them!

When you start talking about results, people will feel that you can give them results and because that’s exactly what they’re looking for, you’ll be able to retain your clients and also demand a higher price! So, this is one of the main skills in order to get high paying clients!

3. Have Converting Conversations:

Have you noticed that when we get bombarded with all these long massive emails, videos and links, we don’t even see half of them and we don’t care about them because we don’t feel special!

Now let’s flip it! Right? If I was to talk to you and I would have a conversation with you and listen to you, I would ask questions like “What is your problem? How can I help you? What is holding you back? How can I get you results?” and so on! If I do this then you’ll start connecting with me! Right?

So in terms of getting high paying clients one of the skills that I would encourage you to have, is start having conversations with your clients. These conversations will lead to conversions and that’s what I call ‘converting conversations’.

So when someone approaches you by commenting on your Facebook feed or on your YouTube video or on your Instagram just have a chat with them, have a conversation and follow up with them in terms of the conversation! You can even email them in short lines and in a very personal manner so that they really connect with you! This will lead them to the next level and you can start having conversations that will convert!

Usually people send these long emails and do phone calls to convert but that doesn’t form a great connection! Humans need to feel that connection! We need to talk and connect face to face to really dig in deep!


So, if you want to have more high paying clients then make sure that you have these 3 important skills! Number One: Have A High Ticket Mindset, Number Two: Speak About Results With The Prospects and Number Three: Have Converting Conversations. If you have these 3 skills you can surely get high paying clients and grow in your business!

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About the author:

Dev Sethi is the Founder & CEO of ‘Wealth On Command’. Dev is a Global Sales Award Winner and “Closer of the Year 2019” in High Ticket Sales across 150 countries. He is the 1st person across Australia, Asia, Africa, Europe and South America to ever win this award.

He empowers business owners and entrepreneurs to monetize their skills and maximize their sales by assisting them in building a high performance sales team. In the last 12 months alone his business has grown by over 560% and his clients have made over USD 5.2 Million in Sales. Dev is a Sales Champion and is now creating more Champions.

He speaks 4 languages fluently and is a loving father and a caring husband; born in Thailand, grew up in India and now living in Sydney, Australia.

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