How To Sell High Ticket Without Selling?

How do you sell a high ticket without selling? Is it even possible? Let’s find out!

In this blog, I’m going to share with you three ways on how to actually sell a high ticket without selling! Yes! It’s actually possible but before I start sharing that with you, let’s just take a step back and understand what exactly ‘Selling’ means!

Meaning Of Selling:

Many people say that selling is just an exchange of products for cash or some kind of monetary value but that’s just one form of selling! There are many other ways of what ‘Selling’ can mean! The way I look at it is when you and I are talking, I share an idea with you and you actually agree with that idea. That means that I have sold you my idea!

On the other hand, if you share a story with me; I share a story with you and our stories don’t match then we can’t agree with one another. That means that we aren’t able to sell the story to one another. During this course, there can also be objections. So, how you resolve it and how you agree to it, is what sales is all about!

So let me share with you three ways on how you can actually sell without selling!

1.Empathize With Your Prospect:

So for the First lesson let me start with a story. In this story, there’s a mother and a child. One day the child comes running to the mother and the mother tries to talk to the child and tries to understand what exactly happened and then the child starts to tell the story.

The mother then assures her child that she can feel and understand what the child is saying! She says that she can understand what the child might be going through and then the child actually starts to open up to the mother!

So what’s going on here is that the mother is really trying to connect with her child by empathizing with her child and the child’s emotions! The mother is actually trying to make the child open up about what exactly happened and what the child is feeling without actually directly telling the child to just speak up.

So that’s the first lesson! Even while talking to the prospects, Don’t just listen but learn to empathize! If you want them to really listen to you, what you have got to offer, then learn to empathize with your prospect when the prospect is trying to share their pains.

You see when you actually empathize with someone it shows them that you can actually feel what they’re saying and when someone can feel that you’re actually understanding them and feeling what they are going through that’s when they really connect with you and they really want to open up with you.

Hence, the first step to start selling high ticket without selling is to get through to your prospect and really empathize with them.

2. Discover The Pain Of Your Prospect:

Now let’s say the mother has really empathized with the child a little bit and the child has really opened up to her! So what the mother does next is she digs deeper into her child’s pain and asks the child to tell her more on where and what happened, who did that and so on…

So, when she starts to ask more and more deeper questions the child starts to answer them leading to a more clear understanding to the mother and more comfort to the child!

Now, why does the mother actually do this is because the mother can actually understand where the pain is coming from because once the mother can understand that, she can actually tell the child exactly what to do the next time! So the lesson here is about how the mother asked her child a lot of questions to really discover the pain to understand more!

The same thing happens in a business scenario! When you’re trying to sell something to someone and you just go on and say “Ok! I know what you’re feeling and this is the product that will actually help you” without completely listening to them and you just try to complete the sale as soon as possible…

That’s when you lose the sale and you won’t be able to sell. You will come across as selling off to the client rather than closing the sale by actually understanding what the prospect is going through and giving them the right solution. The prospect won’t connect with you!

So that’s exactly why you don’t sell to the prospect, rather you actually understand what the prospect is going through and ask a lot more questions to understand their pain deeply and then give them a solution.

So you discover your prospect’s pain and connect the solution to that pain so they will see that at no point you’re actually selling anything to them. You’re just having a conversation with them and it’s just flowing freely!

Hence, the second step to start selling high ticket without selling is by discovering the pain of your prospect.

3. Handle Your Prospect’s Objections:

Now you see the mother is trying to help the child. She really understood what the child’s problem was and told him what to do the next time. But then the child says that he’s actually tried it before and it’s not helping him, so he doesn’t want to listen to his mother. So he starts whining and throws tantrums.

You see, the child’s actually trying to throw objections at the mother. That’s when the mother says that if he really wants to succeed and not have this pain anymore then he needs to do this and try to see the outcomes though he might have tried similar things before! That’s when the child actually tries to understand and agrees with her.

So, what the mother did here is she actually handled all her child’s whining and statements thrown by the child to her in such a graceful manner that the child actually listened to the mother.

So instead of selling a product to your prospect and showing how amazing it is and the qualities, etc, The best way is to actually handle the objection because usually the objection from the person is that they aren’t clear about the solution you gave them or they don’t understand what you’re trying to say.

So, if you actually learn to handle the objections gracefully, then you’ll be able to sell high ticket without selling.


Now the same thing in a business scenario! When you actually want to sell high ticket without selling, you have to empathize first and then you have to discover the pain of your prospect and then when the person is really ready to change they will still throw some objections at you which you must handle gracefully!

So, if you’re interested in actually learning in depth on how to sell high ticket without selling then get in touch with me now or comment below and I’ll actually help you!

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