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What Does Cycling Have To Do With Closing Deals in Business?

So what does cycling have to do with closing deals in business? Well, you’d be surprised. There’s so much in common! So, read through and you’ll see, that the sales of your business will go through the roof.

I recently bought a mountain bike for the first time in my life. The main reason was that I was lacking any kind of physical activity as I was working in the office most of the time! I started feeling a bit lethargic and low on energy and you know in business when you lose energy you can’t close deals.

The main inspiration to buy a bicycle in the first place was my neighbour! One day, when I was in the garage, I saw my neighbour parking his bicycle and I got really excited seeing that cycle so I went over and spoke to him. I told him that I want to buy one too. But I asked him this one question. If I brought one, would he go for a ride along with me? He said, “Yeah sure, let us be accountability partners! Let’s do it!”

At that moment, I just went like “Oh great! Let’s do it!” and at that spur of the moment instantly I decided “I’m buying a bicycle!” The very next day I went to a store with my wife and purchased one and got it home!

Your environment will dictate your success

So you might still be wondering… ‘Why is this relevant to business?’ See in business when you’re about to start something new, you might be thinking that you want to do it but you don’t have people around you to help you.

In this case I wanted to bring in exercise and reduce some weight and I found an accountability partner. In business too, you must find someone who can hold you accountable. Change your environment. Work together with that person to achieve that goal. That’s very important.

Hence, your environment will dictate your success so anyway I went on and I said I’m gonna do it.

Model what is already working

So I went to the shop and I said look there’s so many bicycles in the shop I said I just want that one the black one, this is the black bicycle that I just bought and why did I didn’t do any research right I saw him buy it and I went the shopkeeper I won this exact same one you see if you’re going to start a business and you’re following someone who’s already been there and done that just model the person no need to reinvent the wheel! Just model what is working and you will find your success coming really fast and that’s what I did. I just got the exact same bike.

Add Value to your prospect even before the sale

So, right before buying, I was like… “You know what? Let me just sit on the bike, let me just feel if this bike is good for me.” So I asked the shopkeeper if I could test ride the cycle and guess what he said?

He said, “Sure! Why not? Go ahead, take it out and ride it in this space.” I was really happy, so I went ahead and rode it! It was great; I was feeling really good that he actually allowed me to ride it and get the feel of it!

That there was great service! He fixed everything for me on the bike and I was like that’s it! This is amazing, I’m buying this bike now!

What does this mean in your business? You see when you’re trying to close a deal and the prospect comes in and you’re not giving anything of value they’re going to go away.

In this case the shopkeeper let me take a test ride right around the office. So the same way your prospect might want you to give them something of value first. Let them test and see who you are and whether they resonate with you. So have something of value that you give for free.

Find someone you can practice with!

So eventually I bought the bike and then I came home and reality kicked in. Now that I actually had a bike sitting in my garage, I had to take action next, so I decided to go for that ride with my buddy the next day!

At that time, I also got a thought that I’ve never done it before and so I got my kids down and I recorded myself riding in the garage. I was like “Let me play around a little bit with my kids, maybe even do a wheelie!”

So, that’s what I did next! I played a little bit with them just to get familiar with the bike and build up my confidence that “I’ve got this! I’ve never done it before but I’ve got this! I can do it!!!”

Same thing in business. You might have read a lot of books and done a lot of things to build your skills but before you go out there, you must practice your skills. So find someone that you can either role play with or bounce ideas with so you build that confidence up and when you go out there in the real world you can actually perform at the level you wanted to!

Stay Motivated — You’ve Got This!

So anyway in the morning around six o’clock we were going out for a ride and I was like “What do I do now? It’s really cold. I don’t want to go…” It was the first time all these thoughts were happening.

What if I go on the road and something happens and you know all these thoughts of “What if this happens… what if that happens… what if I can’t do all this…what if…” but then I’m like “You know what? What if I finish? What if I’m able to actually do this exercise and feel great about myself? I’ve already invested in a bike so I might as well do it!”

So anyway I went out and all along in my mind I was pushing myself and telling myself that I can do it! It was a hilly area, it was really tough but I still pushed through! This way slowly I went along the journey.

Now when you are starting a business or when you’re trying to close a deal in your new business, your mind will play tricks with you and if you don’t have a great mindset or a strong mindset to keep you going where you say “I can do it!” and if you don’t keep going you will give up and that’s not what you want.

So when you’re facing tough times and it’s something you’ve never done before just say to yourself “I’ve got this; I can keep going!” You will see yourself going and that’s what happened to me!

Find a mentor as a coach to guide you

I kept riding along… riding along… riding along and then all of a sudden my chain actually came off!!! Can you believe it? The first time ever going out on the road… on a mountain bike and my chain falls off! You see, this is what happens in business too! You will find that you will have problems along the way! It’s normal.

Problems will come; breakdowns will happen but what do you do? In this case when it broke down, I was like “Oh thank god, I know how to fix the chain!” Now, how did I know how to fix the chain?

It was because I had asked my shopkeeper to show me the chain; how it works; what I need to do… everything in advance! So he showed everything! I asked the right questions and he sort of guided me through.

The same way in business! When you’re doing something, you need someone as a mentor as a coach to guide you; to make sure that you can succeed that goal and achieve that deal that you want because if you don’t know how to do it you’ll be stuck in a breakdown mode! How do you come out of it? That’s where a coach or a mentor can help you come out of that problem.


What I did was I then eventually fixed the chain and I went on and finished the ride. It was an amazing feeling. Yes, I was tired! Absolutely! My thighs were hurting like hell! At times during the ride, I was even walking as well, but I kept going… kept going… kept going and I finished it!

What it means in business is when you go through this journey we spoke about and when you keep going, you even have a coach and when you reach the end and you can close that deal, you will feel amazing and on top of the world! You will get that experience and you’ll want to do more and more! That’s what I discovered by just buying one mountain bike. It taught me so many lessons in business!

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