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Four C’s On How To Sell Anything To Anyone & Get Repeated Sales

Last year I won the world champion in closing sales. I closed over millions of dollars and in this blog, I’ll be sharing with you four secrets on how to sell anything to anyone and get repeated sales.

Before I share the secrets, let’s talk about what sales really is at a high level! Well, it’s pretty much an exchange in value between one person and another. If one person accepts the value and the other person accepts the offer that’s it. That’s a sale.

Let me share a story with you in terms of what it actually means to sell to someone. So, there’s this soccer coach who’s been brought over to share his experience with the team to really get them to the championship. When they’re having this team meeting, the soccer coach is drawing on the board and just telling them all these ideas but the team’s not understanding what exactly he wants them to do!

If the team doesn’t really understand what the coach is trying to say, will the team really be able to perform the way the coach is trying to get them to? No!

But imagine the coach goes in and gets the team together and motivates them to get the championship and sits them all down to explain the plan and show them exactly what they need to do and how they need to do it. The coach is so clear and the team’s understanding and agreeing with him!

In this case the team is so clear on what the coach is saying and they buy into that idea! Basically, the coach sold the idea to the team and the team actually bought that idea and this is so important because it gives you the first lesson in your business!


In your business when you’re trying to sell your products or services to your customers, you have to make sure that you are clear on why you’re doing it, who you want to serve and what results you’re going to give them! If you’re not clear on this, the person who’s going to buy from you, won’t see the value in buying from you and you might lose out on that deal!

Again let’s talk about the coach. He’s so clear on what results he wants the team to get and he goes in and tells the team that they are going to make it happen. He even says that there will be wins and loses but they are going to keep going no matter what and he trusts his skills so much that he shows the team exactly what they are going to do!

Now imagine that there’s a time when the team is actually not performing well and the coach decides to substitute the best player out and puts another player in for that moment and though everybody’s questioning the coach’s decision, eventually the team wins!


So, the second lesson that we learn here is that he’s shown confidence in his decision-making skills and really keeps going. So similarly, I want you to ask yourself! In your business, when you’re talking to your clients and the time gets tough do you have what it takes to keep going? Do you have the confidence in your skills to really bring the results that you have promised? Do you have the confidence to make tough decisions?

If you’ve got this confidence to do these three things, it will come across in the way you speak and the team will buy that decision and you will succeed in your business.

Now let’s talk about the coach again. Yes, he’s shown confidence, he’s made the right decision but how do you think he was able to do all that? You see the coach was brought in for a reason! The first reason was to take the team from where they were today and bring results to the championship.

The coach went in with the conviction that he believed in what he was going to bring to the team. Right? He came to the team to serve everyone, no matter what happened, he would do whatever it takes to get the team to the result and with that the team went with him on the journey, they believed in him and did whatever he said and that’s how the team won.


So the third lesson here is conviction. In your business, when your clients ask you, “Do you believe that you can help me?” and you reply with the slightest doubt in you, they’re not going to believe in you but if you say “Absolutely! I can deliver this and my word is my honor” and you say it with conviction, that’s what they need and if you’re there to serve them and bring them success, don’t you think they want you even more?

So, when you’re telling your prices to your clients, say it with absolute conviction on what you’re actually bringing to the table. If you’re saying your price is 50 grand or 10 grand, whatever it is, say it with conviction so people believe the value that you are bringing in.

Be there to serve and be there no matter what because there will be ups and downs in business but you must do whatever it takes to bring success to your clients. So, if you speak with conviction, your clients will surely want to work with you.

Now coming back to the coach, why do you think the team actually believed in him? Anyone could have been really clear and spoken with confidence and conviction but what is that one thing that makes them come with you on the journey? In your business too, your clients might buy from you once but what will make them buy from you again and again and again? Think about it!

In the case of the coach, when he brought the team success he formed something between him and the team and the team believed that he was the right coach for them and he was the one that can bring them repeated success!


Well, the answer is ‘connection’. The coach formed a connection with his team! Similarly in your business, when you approach your clients and you say with conviction “I’m really clear on what I can bring you and I have full confidence that I can deliver the results” maybe it will lead to only a one-time sale but if you form that connection with your clients and you say “I’m with you throughout your journey” you will get repeated sales!


So, if you want repeated sales then focus on building that connection and that’s exactly how I did it! When I formed that connection with the clients that I was dealing with, I started getting repeated sales and that led me to win the world champion award in sales closing.

So, if you want to sell anything to anyone and get repeated sales just implement these four things that we discussed above! Number one: Clarity; Number two: Confidence; Number three: Conviction and the fourth one is to keep building connections.

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About the author

Dev Sethi is the Founder & CEO of ‘Wealth On Command’. Dev is a Global Sales Award Winner and “Closer of the Year 2019” in High Ticket Sales across 150 countries. He is the 1st person across Australia, Asia, Africa, Europe and South America to ever win this award.

He empowers business owners and entrepreneurs to monetize their skills and maximize their sales by assisting them in building a high performance sales team. In the last 12 months alone his business has grown by over 560% and his clients have made over USD 5.2 Million in Sales. Dev is a Sales Champion and is now creating more Champions.

He speaks 4 languages fluently and is a loving father and a caring husband; born in Thailand, grew up in India and now living in Sydney, Australia.

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