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Winning Secrets On How I Won The World Champion In Sales Closing

So I have been getting a lot of questions from people and today I’ll be answering one of them: “How did I win the world championship in Sales Closing?” I want to share with you three things that I did to achieve this, so it might help you all too!


This is key in life! When you’re doing anything there will be people watching you, they’ll be distracting you or throwing you off track but the number one thing that helped me win the world championship in sales closing is ‘Focus’.

I would never care about what others are thinking or saying about me, what people might think about what I’m doing and their opinions about me because there will always be such people in life that will be distracting you constantly. So, stay focused on whatever you want to do and when you are focused you get exactly what you want!


Secondly, taking action is very important when you have a goal and you really want to get there! Yes, you might be focused now, but that doesn’t mean you’ll not come across other things in life which may seem as a priority at that moment. So, you will have to prioritise and make time for each of those things.

You can’t go off track just because you have another commitment. So, you see, I made a commitment to myself that I’m going to do whatever it takes to win the world championship and no matter what other events took place in my life, be it taking my kids out or attending functions, I made sure that I was committed to my goal and I kept taking action towards my goal of winning the world championship in closing sales!

So, if you keep taking action, you’ll get really comfortable with what you want to do and you won’t really care about what other people have to say. When you take that consistent action you will start to become really good at it.

At first, I was really uncomfortable with talking to so many people and trying to do sales closing, but when I started taking massive and consistent action, the world championship was not too far away!

I stayed focused and took consistent action every day for about 18 months, working 90 hours a week consistently and when I got really good at what I was doing in sales closing, I went for the world championship title and I won it!


The third thing that really got me the world championship was sharing my knowledge with people. I was focused, I took action and I started sharing my knowledge and information with the world. I found that when I shared a lot with everyone out there, I started becoming better and better at it and I started training people professionally on how to close sales and this is how I won the World Championship in Sales Closing.


So, let me repeat the three things that allowed me to get the World Champion Award in sales closing. Number one: Focus; Number two: Take Action and Number three: Share Your Knowledge. So, implement these three things and you can surely win and be a champion in Sales Closing!

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About the author:

Dev Sethi is the Founder & CEO of ‘Wealth On Command’. Dev is a Global Sales Award Winner and “Closer of the Year 2019” in High Ticket Sales across 150 countries. He is the 1st person across Australia, Asia, Africa, Europe and South America to ever win this award.

He empowers business owners and entrepreneurs to monetize their skills and maximize their sales by assisting them in building a high performance sales team. In the last 12 months alone his business has grown by over 560% and his clients have made over USD 5.2 Million in Sales. Dev is a Sales Champion and is now creating more Champions.

He speaks 4 languages fluently and is a loving father and a caring husband; born in Thailand, grew up in India and now living in Sydney, Australia.

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