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How to Manage Time As A Successful Business Owner?

Are you struggling with time where by the end of the day you’re like “Where’s all my time gone?” You feel unproductive and busy all the time. So how do you solve that? I’ve discovered three simple things over the years that I want to share with you. So if you have a problem with time management, then go ahead and read this blog, if not use your time for something else!

So the three things to do to manage your time better are:

1.Schedule Everything:

Very simple. Whatever you need to do for the day, just put it down on your calendar. Pull out your phone and really put it into your calendar and just say “Today I’m gonna do this… tomorrow I’m going to do this…” If it’s not on your calendar, then don’t do it unless it’s an emergency of course!

Like take me for example. Today I’m talking to you, through this blog, it was scheduled in my calendar, that I need to write this blog today, so I can share with you the three things to manage time! So, schedule your day accordingly.

I can give you another example. My wife is the head of R&D for my company so every Tuesday from 10:00 A.M to 12:00 P.M, we’re actually talking about research and development. We’re thinking “How can we be more creative in the business?…Etc.” So, I schedule it in. I’ve got a team overseas; I schedule that in “Time to talk to my team.”

Even as simple as checking my email, I schedule the time to check my email. Why? Because if I keep checking my mail every time people send me an email, who’s controlling my time? Not me! Right? Is the person who’s sending me an email controlling my clients? No! So, schedule the time, even to check your email, even for lunch, schedule everything in. If you do this, you will have a routine and you’ll know exactly where you are with your routine.

2.Turn Off Notifications:

What do I mean by that? It means pull out your phone and turn off all your notifications for your watch, your Facebook, everything! Just turn it off! They’re the biggest distraction. Let’s say it’s your personal phone, as soon as it rings you’ll want to see what it is or who called. You are already distracted. Someone has distracted you and when you’re in the flow and someone distracts you, it takes time to go back in the flow! So turn off all the notifications.

I’ve done it too! My Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram… everything! I’ve muted even individual chats over Whatsapp so it’s my choice when I want to go in and look at the messages! This way, I control my time because if I don’t do this and I get these notifications then who’s controlling my time again? Someone sending me a message is controlling my time!

So turn off all notifications and if it’s absolutely critical, they will call you and even when they call you, you can choose to see if you want to pick it up or put your phone on silent!

3.Plan The Day Ahead:

This one is very important! What do I mean by this? So the night before, this is what I do! I plan the top three things that I want to achieve the next day. You must do this because if you write too many things you’re not going to do it! So, I make a list and I plan and stick to it. So when I plan, I also schedule it in! So this goes hand-in-hand.


If you are able to do all this, that is schedule it in, turn off your notifications and plan your day ahead you will be fine! You’ll get better! Initially it might feel a bit difficult or it might take two weeks… three weeks to even a month to really get it all right but I highly encourage you to force yourself to do this at least for a month!

You will see the second month on, you’ll be able to manage your time easily and effectively. You’ll actually be more productive and use your energy in increasing the sales of your business!

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About the author

Dev Sethi is the Founder & CEO of ‘Wealth On Command’. Dev is a Global Sales Award Winner and “Closer of the Year 2019” in High Ticket Sales across 150 countries. He is the 1st person across Australia, Asia, Africa, Europe and South America to ever win this award.

He empowers business owners and entrepreneurs to monetize their skills and maximize their sales by assisting them in building a high performance sales team. In the last 12 months alone his business has grown by over 560% and his clients have made over USD 5.2 Million in Sales. Dev is a Sales Champion and is now creating more Champions.

He speaks 4 languages fluently and is a loving father and a caring husband; born in Thailand, grew up in India and now living in Sydney, Australia.

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