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How To Connect With Prospects Without Being Pushy?

Have you tried to put yourself in the shoes of your prospect to help them but you’re still not able to build a strong connection with them? In this blog, I’ll be sharing three things that you can do to establish that connection and keep it long-lasting but before that let me share a story!

Now, let’s say there are two friends: Sam and Jack. Now Jack’s actually been feeling really low and he goes to Sam and says “Hey Sam! Can you help me with all these things? I had a really nasty day and you know I need some help, I really don’t understand what to do…” and Sam’s actually sitting there and listening to him, trying to understand him and asking Jack to share more!

So, Jack goes on telling the story… and all this time Sam’s looking at Jack and he’s nodding and really trying to put himself in Jack’s shoes. Finally Jack asks Sam, “So Sam, what do you think I should do?” and Sam’s like, “Yeah! I think you should do this, you should do that….” And so on!! But Jack’s like “Wait! What? Have you been listening to me?” and Sam’s like “Yeah, I was listening to you, you said this, you said that….. you said this! Right?” Jack just loses his cool and goes away!

Can you imagine what just happened in this situation? You see, even though Sam was really trying to put himself in Jack’s shoes to understand what Jack was saying, he still didn’t make that connection! Why do you think that happened?

Simple! It’s because, though Sam was trying to listen, he was also thinking about what to say to jack! So, rather than listening to understand Jack, Sam was listening to answer him! That brings us to the first secret to building that strong connection:

1.Active Listening:

When you’re listening to your prospect, think! Are you listening to say something next or are you listening to understand your prospect? The secret here is, that if you really want to connect, you need to listen to understand.

So, next time try this when you’re talking to your prospect! Instead of thinking “Oh! The prospect is saying this and I know exactly what to say next!” Just think about what the prospect is saying and go deep with the prospect! When you’re actually going in the flow, you’ll be able to really step into the shoes of the prospect!

2.Have A Conversation With Your Prospect:

I’ll share another story here! So, there are these friends, who go for a party and throughout the party they enjoy, other people join in, they have fun, they dance and they’re all having a great time!

So post dinner on the way back home they’re all having a chat on how great the day was and how amazing all the new people they made friends with were! Some friends said that they were so blessed to celebrate and have fun with such an amazing group of people that they all decided to catch up again soon! After a few months, they all met again and they had a similar party, they enjoyed it and that connection became really deep and that’s the lesson here!

What happens in a typical world is that most people are trying to sell to the prospect. They’re not having a conversation. They’re only trying to sell something. They are trying to listen to ask a question, to say “Okay, once I build the connection, I’m gonna sell a product!”

See when you are actually with a friend the way you are talking feels like it’s just a normal flow. Right? You’re having a conversation and then you ask a question, you have a conversation and then you ask a question…. “Conversions happens in conversation”

3.Go The Extra Mile:

Now there’s the third lesson here which will take your connection to the next level! Let me share another story about two people who just started dating and are completely in love! They go out for coffee initially, they get to know each other, they go out for movies, they are on call with each other for hours and so on! What happens here is the boy is doing whatever it takes to really get the attention of the girl which is a very normal thing! Right?

Then her birthday comes up and the boy’s like “Oh what do I do? How shall I plan it?” and he goes on googling online and says okay “I should do all these things… buy gifts and presents” but then he gets confused with all the choices online! He then calls up his girlfriend’s friends and asks what his girl likes and really tries to understand what he can buy for her!

He then goes and researches about the girl on her Facebook profile and so on! Then on her birthday, as she enters her house, it’s really dark and suddenly the lights come up and there’s this big massive surprise party and the girl’s over the moon that the the boy’s gone out of his way to really just celebrate a birthday and it’s the first birthday they’ve ever had together!

They really form this deep love and connection and they live happily ever after! So what’s the moral of the story here? You see the boy, initially just did whatever he could but then he went out of his way to really research about his girl, what she likes and everything. It’s the same thing in a business environment!

When you’re trying to speak to your prospects, a lot of sales people, what they do is they’ll just research a little bit and think that they know the prospect very well! But they’re missing the key that’s “Go the extra mile!”

Now in the case of this dating story, what did this boy do? He went to all the friends of that girl, he googled, he did his research and he went the extra mile to get all the information that he could about the girl!

So, the same thing, when you are talking to your prospect and you want to form that connection, you must go the extra mile to find out what the prospect likes, what they don’t like, about their business, and the problems they might be facing…you find out all about them! Research about them, go to LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube… go everywhere you can find out about that prospect!

So that, when you’re on the call, you can relay it to the prospect and when the prospect says “Oh I get what you’re saying” you can say that “Yeah! I feel the same too” that is what forms that deep connection between you and your prospect and you will always be able to form that instant connection!


So, the three points on ‘How To Connect With Your Prospects Without Being Pushy are; One: Active listening; Two: Asking questions through a conversation; Three: Going the extra mile!

So, just implement these 3 points and you’ll see that you can easily build that connection with the prospect and even make a sale without being pushy!

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