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How To Find The Right Clients With The Right Method?

Have you started a new business and you have so many goals to reach and so much to offer to people but you just aren’t finding the right bunch of clients? If you’ve got a business and you’re wondering where the clients are? This blog is perfect for you!

Today, I’m going to answer three questions:

  1. What are the three ways to find your clients?
  2. Which way is right for you?
  3. The best approach to convert those clients into your business?

Q.1. What are the three ways to get clients?

1.Organic Method:

You’ve probably heard this before! But what exactly does it mean? Is this method free of cost? Well, let me explain it completely and then you decide if it’s free or not!

Organic is where you reach out to your current network and groups or people that you know. You then say “Hey! You know what buddy? I can offer you this, this, this! Do you want to be my client?” That’s what you do! That’s organic and when they come in, you don’t pay for anything you actually just get them into your client base! So that’s organic!!!

Now is it really free is the question! You spent time talking to that person; you spent hours finding where they hang out. So, is it really free? Not really! Right? You invested your time so it’s not free. Your time is very precious.

2.Partnership Method:

Now what is a partnership? Very very similar to organic but it’s people outside your network where you join hands with one another and there’s a value exchange.

It could actually be people in your network as well for that matter where you say “You know what buddy? I’m really good at sales closing; you are good at digital marketing so why don’t we join hands? I’ll deliver value to your clients and you deliver value to my clients!” That’s pretty much how a partnership works and whatever sales comes, you both share the profits!

So that’s a partnership. Is it free? Well not really because you’re actually exchanging the value between the two of you.

3.Paid Method:

Now you must be wondering “Why should I pay? I want to do something for free!” Now, you must understand that I’ve just shown you the first way, that’s organic and secondly, a partnership. Neither is free like I said! You’re still paying for it but in a different way!

Now, what is paid? It’s basically advertising in the form of an exchange of dollars. For example, you pay Facebook and Facebook shows your ads everywhere or you pay Instagram or Youtube and you give your ads everywhere! So that’s the three ways of getting clients!

But how do you choose which method is the best for you? How and when should you do each? Let’s find that out in the second question!

Q.2. Which Method is right for you?

1.Organic Method:

Is organic the best for you right now?

  1. If your network is of like-minded people that you want to actually convert into your clients.
  2. If you’ve got ample amount of time and you really want to go out there, build connections.

Then go for the organic method!

But remember with organic, it takes a long time to get consistent sales. Here when you find one client, you’ll build the relationship, you’ll exchange a lot of values…four to five days will go by, you’ll build your group, you’ll do all that! It takes a while but you’ll get the sales.

The thing with organic is that people that come to you will be the most loyal because the connection between you and them will be really strong but many people approach organic in a very wrong way and I’m going to show you in a second what is the right way to approach so you can convert all those people there into your clients.

2.Partnership Method:

Okay, let’s talk about partnership now! When would you want to use the partnership method? You see, partnerships are very strong if

  1. You want to grow really fast.
  2. You want to be known out there among the top people.
  3. You want to grow your network.

Then go with partnerships but the trick here is everybody wants to do partnerships because “My network becomes yours; your network becomes mine…”

So what is the way to really connect with these people in a partnership? so that they want to do a joint venture with you? I’ll share with you how to exactly close those people in a bit!

3.Paid Method:

You see the thing with the paid method is that it gives incredibly fast growth. You can just go out there on facebook and you’ll get thousands of leads! Now, why would you want to go with paid?

  1. If you want to scale up and grow really fast.
  2. You want to test your message.
  3. You’re at a later stage of your business and looking for that big change.

Then go for the paid method! However with ‘Paid’ don’t go at the very early stages when you’re not very clear with your message yet because you’ll just waste a lot of money.

The greatest part of paid is everything is measured, from the time you pay, the ad run, the reach, who’s converting, who is not converting and eventually whether they buy or not. Here you’ll know along the whole process where the mistake is in your marketing! So that’s the beauty of the paid method!

I would encourage you to go with the organic method and the partnership method first to really validate your message, see what people are saying and then go to the paid method, targeting facebook and spending money.

Now how do you approach all these people to really convert them takes us to the third question!

Q.3. What’s the best approach to convert clients into your business?

This is the most important question! It’s in fact not about where you find your clients; you might find your clients… people might come to you but if you don’t know how to convert them, then you’re going to lose all of them!

So no matter where your clients come from, organic, partnership or paid; the easiest way is to learn how to really close that sale! I’m going to share one very strong technique for this.

So with all these three methods what people usually tend to do is they get so desperate that they want clients, they go out there and they try to sell themselves! “Be my client… be my client… I can do this for you! I can do this for you!” But you don’t want to do that! That’s selling!

Instead you go out there and think of one thing! What is the problem you can solve for them? So approach them with only one thing: The problem that you can solve for them!

So, in organic, if you focus on someone’s problem and solve it for them, they’re going to love you, they’re going to come back more! When they come back, that’s when you form that deeper connection!

Even in a partnership, why does someone want to do a partnership with you? They have a problem! Right? That’s why they want to partner up, get that extra help and grow! So, find out their problem, get into that partnership to solve that problem and not just to sell your product!

Even in paid, run an ad that solves someone’s problem and when you do that, people come running to you!


So there are three methods to get clients! OrganicPartnership and Paid Method. You can choose whichever method you like and you feel is the best for you at that moment and just go for it!

But eventually when it comes to sales, understand that it’s not about where your clients came from, it’s how you close them and how you approach them because when you get this part right, the first and the second part will naturally adapt to you helping others and closing the deal!

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