3 Proven Strategies To Convert Your Ideas Into Profits!

Usually, people in business get so many ideas but don’t implement most of them for the fear of failing. Do you also have an idea that you have been holding on to for a long time but you’re not sure if your idea will work or not? Will you make money? Is it the right niche?

If you’re feeling stuck and if you really want to convert your ideas into profits and grow then you must read till the end and implement these three things that I’ll be sharing with you.

1.Solve A Problem

The first thing you need to do is find a problem that you want to solve. In my case, for example, the problem I’m solving is I’m helping people out there to convert their ideas into an online business and grow so they can earn six figures. That’s what I’m solving! So, what is the problem that you’re solving?

Now, here’s a way to actually find out what problem you want to solve in the market. There are only two ways to actually solve and make money with a problem! Either you solve millions of problems and you make millions or you ‘find that one problem’ on which you can actually make a million bucks.

So you ask yourself this question! “How big is the problem that you’re trying to solve today?” “Is there a market for it?” If there’s no market, focus on a problem that has a market.

2.Have A Proper Marketing Strategy:

Once you know your problem, you choose who you want to work with. So you need to have a proper marketing strategy that attracts the right clients.

You see I said ‘attract the right clients’ because not all clients are the right clients. What happens, in this case, is when you attract the right clients; you push away some and you attract some! You push away the interested and you attract the committed! When you do this, you’ll get quality clients.

You must work with quality clients that are committed, resourceful and will take action because if you can help your clients grow then you’ll grow too. That’s the key! When you’re in the business that attracts the right clients, you will grow as well.

3. Provide Them With A Model That Helps Them Grow:

Once you attract your clients, you need to have a model with which you can help them grow. This is very important.

So if there’s an IP in your mind, then you solve the problem, extract it, and put it into a process that resonates with your clients. That’s how you transform them! So find a way to systemize that IP in your mind!

You might be very competitive in what you do but how do you make it conscious to understand the step-by-step process? That’s what you need! Find a way where you can actually transform your clients and when you transform your clients they will grow and when they grow you make lots of money.


So, the three ways of converting your ideas into profits and really creating a successful business are: Number one is to know your problem, number two is to find a way to market your idea and number three is to have a system to transform your clients. That’s it! As simple as that.

Now if you have an idea that you’re not really sure about whether it’s going to be good or not so good, then just comment below and get in touch with me. I’ll help you clarify that idea to understand whether it’s a good problem to solve or whether there’s a market for it and whether the results are going to be good as well.

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About the author

Dev Sethi is the Founder & CEO of ‘Wealth On Command’. Dev is a Global Sales Award Winner and “Closer of the Year 2019” in High Ticket Sales across 150 countries. He is the 1st person across Australia, Asia, Africa, Europe and South America to ever win this award.

He empowers business owners and entrepreneurs to monetize their skills and maximize their sales by assisting them in building a high performance sales team. In the last 12 months alone his business has grown by over 560% and his clients have made over USD 5.2 Million in Sales. Dev is a Sales Champion and is now creating more Champions.

He speaks 4 languages fluently and is a loving father and a caring husband; born in Thailand, grew up in India and now living in Sydney, Australia.

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